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Hypebeasts is a collection of 5,000 next-gen avatars on the Cardano blockchain. 

The Hypebeasts collection aims to bring the streetwear and fashion industries to the web3 ecosystem on Cardano. 

Hypebeasts Explained

Hypebeasts NFTs will be customizable, this means that collectors will be able to visit our Wearables Marketplace and buy and apply new items to their Hypebeasts NFTs.


The Hypebeasts Wearable Marketplace will be very similar to a video game marketplace. You will be able to select exactly what trait you want to customize your Hypebeast with. Traits will be released periodically, and there will be a set supply of items per drop.

If you want to learn more about the Utility behind Hypebeasts click here

If you want to purchase a Hypebeasts NFT click here.

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