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The Brand

Hypebeasts aims to bring the world of web3 and fashion together. Members of the Hypebeasts Club will gain access to future drops of apparel that can be connected to their NFTs. 

The Physical World

Streetwear // Hypebeasts holders can expect apparel drops, including free ones. 

Web3 Fashion // Special traits released on the Hypebeasts marketplace will also be released IRL. Collectors who customize their Hypebeasts with these special traits will also receive the real apparel for no extra cost. 

Expanding the team // The Hypebeasts project is looking to onboard talented fashion designers this year. 

Collaborative Drops // The team aims to collaborate with street artists, fashion designers, sneaker stores, and well known NFT projects to bring special edition traits to the Hypebeasts Marketplace, which would also be released as real apparel for holders. 

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